Self Drive Rwanda is the Leading Car Rental Agency in Rwanda that offers the Self Drive Car Hire . Self Drive Rwanda is Backed by a Tours and Travel Company Based in Rwanda Kigali. They have also Extended their Car Hire Services in Uganda and Kenya, Tanzania by Opening up More Offices in these Mentioned Nations.

Self Drive Rwanda has a Team of 8 Members  in Rwandan Offices and the Reservationist is by Names of Maggie Who is Based in Kigali Rwanda that is very Good in Responding the Mails and Gives Prompt Answers. Due to the Fact that they Get a lot of Booking for Independent Travelers in Rwanda they Get Confused at times and May Delay but Just Drop a Call to Remind them about the Booking Before you Get to Kigali.“Each of our employees has a passion for the brand and for providing customers with outstanding service,” said Ssali Billy, chairman and chief executive officer, SDR, Kafeero Edward is the I T and Seo Marketer for the Company and Maggie is the Reservation Manager and Travel with Experts in Rwanda.

Find How Ease to Hire a Car in Rwanda, Discover with US today as they Narrate how Ease it is to Hire in Rwanda According to the Managering Director .

Looking for Self-Drive in Rwanda? Car Rental Deals in Rwanda for Last Minute!! Do you know how much does it cost to hire a car in Rwanda for Self-Drive? When you rent a car in Rwanda  it will be easy for you to get around on a business trip or vacation in Rwanda With a Self Drive Car Fleets from Rwandan Car Hire Experts. Public transportation requires you to follow defined schedules and routes, but rental cars will allow you to make the most of your traveling by going wherever or whenever you want. Self Drive Rwanda has over 40 Car Fleets ranging from 4×4 Rav4s, Land cruiser and Safari Vans, Select the Best and Contact Maggie the Reservations for Prompt Reply About Car Hire in Rwanda.

Once you decide to get a rental car, you should know that the class of the rental will determine the cost. You should explore the luxury, standard, intermediate or economy classes to find the car that is best suited for your budget and needs.

As you would expect, the luxury or premium class rental cars will be the most expensive. The prices can vary significantly by the type of vehicle as well as the features and size. This class includes two-seater convertibles, minivans, passenger vans, and SUVs.

The cars in the full-size or standard rental class will provide the most room at the best price. The full-size cars will allow two adults to sit in the front, while the back seats are very roomy for a child and two adults to sit comfortably. These are also the ideal choice if have a lot of luggage because the trunks can hold at least three big suitcases and three small ones. RAv4s and Land cruisers  are some of the common choices.

  1. Mid-size or intermediate rental vehicles are one step up from compact class vehicles in pricing and spaciousness. They can accommodate two children and two adults comfortably. The trunk has most of the extra room, with mid-size cars having enough space to hold two large and two smaller suitcases. For this class, you could choose models such as Toyota Corolla, 2×4 RAv4.

Self Drive Rwanda has 4 Years of Services in Rwanda having Started Business in 2011 by Ugandan that Later Transferred the Management to Rwanda for Effective Service. Self Drive Rwanda is Affiliated to Self Drive Uganda and these Two Car Rental Sites that the Lead in Self Drive Car Hire in East Africa. However the Management is having future Plan for Extending the Self drive to Kenya and Tanzania as they are exploring the two Nations and the sites are under construction for Kenya and Tanzania.

According to the Managering Director of the Two Companies they Say that in the road trip they under took as a case study Tanzania is the Most Difficult Country at the Moment due to the Tanzania is Ranked among the Biggest Nations and having Difficult Roads. They say that the Study is still on Going on.

Stay Focused and Determined to take a Self drive in Rwanda that will be Reliable and Trusted in Car Rental Services. They Do allow their Cars to cross to Burundi on Notification during the Time of Booking the Car.

He Revealed to us that was contracted during the time of time of Walking the Nile by Secret Compass which made him to prove to the outside world that is doing a great Job.

Note Their Cars Cant cross to DR Congo

Hopefully this article will help you to know  the Best Services of Self Drive Rwanda. When you are ready, you should check on their Site to get a Quote for Car Hire.

Excellence in Car Rental Services in Rwanda . Explore Rwanda on Self Drive