4×4 Drive Africa has the Main Aim of Offering Advise to Self drive Holiday Makers Allover the world with the Most Interested Independent Travelers and Holiday Makers Beginning with Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia. In this world there are Many Car Rental Companies but they dont provide the required Information & answers to independent Road trips.

In Africa Most countries Drive on the right hand which were colonized by Britain and those others which are colonies of French, Germany and italy they use the Left hand to drive .

4×4 Drive Africa is aiming at becoming the Most resource site for Road Trips and Self drive Holiday makers. The Own of 4×4 Drive Africa is based in United States of America.

We Focus on the Following Issues when writing Car Hire & Self drive Advises and we list Car Rental Agencies for free once you prove that the car hire provided the best service.

Driving Advice for every country in the world

Worldwide Car Rental Info- Genuine rental companies around the world

Car Hire Rules around the world- where you can drive cars, drop off options etc

The information on these pages has therefore been gathered from a variety of sources. Please let me know if you believe anything to be incorrect via the ‘Contact me’ page . Also, if you have any updates, driving advice or contacts, I’ll be glad to add them to the site.