Are you a certified animal lover? Do you enjoy communing with nature and contributing to the preservation and conservation of them? Do you love travelling and taking pictures? Do you enjoy going on safaris and bearing witness to the beauty of nature and its other inhabitants? Which kind of safari animals are you most fond of? Lions, tigers, monkeys, chimpanzees, etc? If you are into gorillas and you have taken or would like to take a 3 Days  Bwindi gorilla safari then this article is for you.

Gorillas are amazing creatures that are closely related to human beings. Gorilla safaris are filled with families of gorillas that are huge, docile, and timid apes that reside in a habitat in some chosen places in Africa. In the movies, you would notice that these gorillas are made to look like terrible and scary monsters. When in real life, you’d notice that they are in fact gentle, peaceful and harmless vegetarians. The gorillas are also of high intellect like men. However, it has been a rising struggle for most environmentalists that the gorillas are becoming extinct because of the massive deforestation of their natural homes.

Animal experts and environmentalists thought of a way to help protect gorillas by protecting ideal locations that would remain as a home for the gorillas and also draw in an income to help fund the areas through gorilla safaris. There are three solid reasons why gorilla safaris are helping to protect and preserve the numbers of gorillas. One reason is that in protected wildlife safari areas, these gorillas are kept together where they can interact with their own kind and eventually reproduce more of their species. The second reason is that with the existence of these gorillas, responsible people are pushed and motivated to take steps to preserve more of our surrounding environment. If we want these gorillas to live, we must take care of the place that they will live in. And the third reason is that, gorilla safaris create a habitat for the gorillas where they can comfortably live in peace without worrying about people who would harm them for profit or sport.

These Uganda gorilla safaris have also been gaining popularity for a lot of people to take as a life experience. However, we must remember that the money it brings home is allotted for the protection of the gorillas and the preservation of their habitat. These companies provide opportunities for visitors to experience the adventure of not just viewing the gorillas but also mountain gorilla tracking.

Gorillas are wonderful creatures that have a great deal of intelligence, they are capable of learning sign language and form thoughts and sentences to simply communicate with people. Gorillas in Bwindi  dont survive well in captivity with there natural instinct being to roam and forage over a wide area. Book that flight now and visit a gorilla safari to develop your love and passion for these glorious animals and help in preserving the environment of this potentially extinct species.