Looking to rent a car for a holiday, business trip or safari in and around East Africa? Drive yourself around East Africa without worries at the best prices for the car you want on the date you need it whilst ensuring a great level of service. Save time by dealing with just one company and also have confidence that they are getting excellent value for money as well as great service.

You are in contact with the service provider 24/7 and can be reached with a phone call from wherever you are. You have a variety of Car rental options tailored to suit the personal, executive, corporate, safari, and luxury needs. Our large fleet of cars is available in 4x4wheel drive such as rav4s, land cruisers, Nissan patrol, and a whole clean fleet of vehicles, well maintained cars, licensed and insured cars.

Subject to a prior agreement, our clients are permitted to rent a car from our company for use in any Country mentioned above.

You can also go the extra mile to offer you car rental extras such as child seats, optional tire and widescreen coverage, and mobile phones with local SIM cards. We have a simple and straightforward booking process; just enter the pickup and return dates, and you will get an instant quote for all vehicles that are available at your chosen location.

4x4 Self Drive Rav4 in East Africa

My Self Drive Adventure in East African Nations and DR Congo with a Car from Uganda Car Rental.com

East Africa is famous for its safaris, diverse wildlife, primate safaris and national parks so enjoy a trip on self drive is worth it, pick up your rental car directly at the airport. You are provided with a travel map so no worries of getting to the wrong destination. So many activities to enjoy while driving yourself these include city tours in Uganda, visit to the vast Uganda national parks. Uganda has over seven national parks not to mention one that hosts the primates Bwindi impenetrable national park, Kibale national park foe the famous tree climbing lions, the huge elephants rhinos among others in Queen Elizabeth national park, a variety of wildlife in Murchison falls national park to mention but a few.

Furthermore visit the country with a thousand hills Rwanda; the genocides memorials the famous mountain gorillas and the volcanics leave much more to ponder.

How about Kenya with the vast national parks and wildlife to mention but a few, all this can be done while driving yourself at leisure what can be more enjoyable than this?

All you need a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive where you are going know the driving laws – such as speed and drink driving limits – in the country you are visiting these can be provided by the service provider. Have common road signs in your mind as you may see them in the country you are visiting. Remembering to stick to the correct side of the road for the country you are in and being aware of road signs in a different language will help you navigate around a new place without stress and worry.

A few tips in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan keep left while in Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic republic of Congo keep right.

I hired a Car from Uganda Car Rental for 20 Days and this site is managed by Active Africa Vacations that allowed me to visit the above mentioned nations but they Refused me in the Congo Side. I recommend Uganda Car Rental when your Hiring a Car In East Africa.