For renting a car in Uganda most rental car companies require a minimum age of the driver of 18years, a credit card, and a valid international driver’s license for tourists and a passport.

There are pros and cons to renting a car in Uganda. If you’re travelling through the country, driving does allow you to see and appreciate the landscape at your leisure, and gives you a chance to go off the beaten trail a little bit. Having a car also gives you more flexibility in your travel – if you decide you like a place, you can stay a little longer.

Anyone wishing to drive outside of Kampala should be comfortable with driving a standard transmission on poor roads in extreme mountain terrain and with sharing the highways with tractor-trailers and double-decker tour buses. It’s recommended that you have at least some basic English, for getting gas and asking directions.

However, most of the people in our forum have advised against renting a car. Traffic in Kampala is very difficult to get around in. Taxis, luxury cars, trailers and buses share the streets, and driving rules are quite different from what you may be used to. Although most Ugandans are skilled drivers, they can at times take surprising risks in traffic – it’s not unusual to see 4 lanes of traffic on a two lane road. Drivers frequently make left turns from the right lane or pull into traffic with little warning. Taxis and buses will stop in the middle of the block to pick up or drop off fares. Pedestrians and foot merchants crowd intersections, adding one more distraction.

There are some simple rules to remember when driving your rented car in Uganda. We have compiled a few to make sure you feel safe while driving your rented car in Uganda.

Right turns are permitted at most red lights.

At four-way stops, right of way goes to the first person to stop.

The speed limit is 55 mph on major highways and 20 mph in urban areas plus 40km/hr in all national parks.

There are a few other important traffic laws that you should be familiar with before you plan on driving in Uganda. Remember to be careful driving in an unfamiliar country as laws and local customs may be different from your own.

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