Rwandan car hiring companies have a fleet of cars that really manage to maneuver the t5otally undulating landscape which makes this country to be referred to as the “land of a thousand hills”. Their fleet of cars consists of Rav4, Land cruisers, super customs, and all are convenient for game viewing and many other attractions because they have sun roofs or open roofs.

So now comes the one million dollar question of why is it paramount to rent a car in Rwanda and drive yourself to wherever you want to go;
Renting a car means you can be more flexible with your travel plans. You can stop at places you didn’t know existed and you can also make a quick exit if a destination isn’t quite what you expected. It’ll also save you money.

Rwanda is one of the few African countries where the roads are well maintained Gas (petrol) is readily available at reasonable intervals along the roads.
A variety of excellent accommodation and apartments can be found throughout the country and there’s plenty of opportunity to camp at well maintained sites,
Here are some of the guidelines on self driving in Rwanda;
-The minimum driving age is 18 years in categories A and B and 20 years in categories C,D,E and F
-International driving permits is acceptable and can be used in one year, after you should apply for a Rwandan driver license.
-Drunk drivers are fined and jailed for 24 hours. The legal blood alcohol level is 0.08%
– Seat belts are required for all car occupants
-Third party is required
-The speed limit in towns is 40km/h and in provinces is 60km/h
-Using phones while driving is prohibited unless phones which are equipped with hand free kit.
On my visit to this country, found out that there is no foreign international company offering car hire services in Rwanda.However, the private individuals have opened up companies offering this service and to my rating they have really mastered the art of the business and they are really very compliant.

Rwanda Car Rental companies include;
1. Self drive Rwanda, this company offers self drive safaris in Rwanda. they offer car hire at very discounted prices and even additional Guides at Only USD 38 Per day. visit them at or email
2. Rwanda Car Rentals, Rwanda Car Rentals offers Car Hire Services but the Head Offices are based in Kampala Uganda, but they offer self drive car hire in Rwanda & Uganda at Very Discounted Price Quotes .
3. Rwanda car rental,  Rwanda Car Rental offers Self drive and Private Guided Safaris, Hire a Car with a Driver from Rwanda Car Rental and their website is or Email

There are also very many companies that originate from the neighboring countries especially Uganda that also offer cars for self drive and have branches and offices in Kigali too.Such companies include;
1. Self drive Uganda, they mention that they offer Self drive Safaris in Rwanda but their offices are based in Kampala Uganda and they are the leading Car Hire company based in Uganda (
2. Uganda car rental this mentions that they offer self drive in Rwanda but their offices are in Kampala Uganda but they allow their cars to cross to Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania
3. Car rental Uganda
4. Uganda self drive
All these companies do allow their cars to be driven and crossed to the neighboring East African countries. However this comes with an extra cost incurred as in paying for the vehicle at the border in order for it to be allowed to cross over to Rwanda.