Driving a Self drive  rental vehicle in East African Countries Like Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Burundi while you visit can bring you a lot of benefits. You are free to come and go as you choose and explore wherever the road takes you and the country you wish to visit on a self drive Holiday. However, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you attempt to drive off in any vehicle. These are important because you always need a plan when you travel to unfamiliar country on a Self-Drive and 4×4 Drive Africa Offers the Best Travel Information when exploring Africa on a Self Drive Option.

Always make sure you understand the laws of the country regarding the Traffics Rules to avoid committing a Of fence during your self drive Holiday. It can be easy for people to assume that they know the laws regarding driving in a country. However, laws can vary by cities let alone entire countries but in East African Communities the traffics seems to be similar, so you need to be familiar with the laws before you travel to the country. Visit your library, search online, and talk to travel agents about where you want to drive and what the laws are.

Understand what type of fuel you need for your vehicle. You may think you know all about cars, but vehicles in other countries can be very different. You need to know what type of fuel is compatible with the car, how to operate a gas pump in another country, and where to get fuel. Ask the rental company these questions before you leave the parking lot. Have someone circle places on a map where you can fill up.

Know what you should do in an emergency situation. Hopefully you will not find yourself in an emergency situation, but life is unpredictable. You need to know who to call if you are in an accident or if the car breaks down. You may want to learn to change a tire and make sure there is a spare if you are traveling extensively. Always carry your identification with you in case of an accident, and never pick up people that you don’t know.

Make sure you understand how to work the vehicle. Vehicles can look very different in other countries. The control panel may look very different to what you are used to. Play with the cars controls to figure out what each one does. Read an instruction manual if one is available to you. Make sure you know where the hazard button, emergency brake, and windshield wiper controller are. It is also a good idea to adjust the seat and mirrors before you leave.

Know where to pick up and drop off the car.This might seem like an obvious factor, but there are companies that will bring the car to you and take it away when you are done with it. Some can be transported and waiting at the airport for you, and this is likely where you can leave it when you are ready to go home. Always make sure you know where the automobile is supposed to be and when it should be back before you leave.

Understand the terms of your rental agreement.Not all rental companies are alike, and many have different policies about insurance, fuel, and damage, Some may want a security deposit. In order to get the deposit back, you might have to meet certain requirements. Read over the agreement carefully before signing your name to anything.

Always travel with caution in a place that you are not familiar with. Drive slowly and take your time in Towns and Trading Centers . After all, you will want to see the places that you are passing through. Safety should be your number one priority. When you are safe, you can enjoy your surroundings and get to your destinations without worry. Always use your seat belt when driving, and don’t forget to use your best judgment and common sense. In east African Countries Rwanda & Burundi drive on the right yet Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania drive on the Left. Safe Journey when exploring East Africa on a Self drive.