We’ve just returned from Rwanda for an 8 day self drive trip with self drive Rwanda(www.selfdriverwanda.com). We drafted our itinerary by ourselves and put all our interests, we hired a rav 4 4×4 with a top up. Self drive Rwanda answered all our questions and advised us on the roads and other tourism information.

After our initial inquiry given to them about what we wanted from our trip, it became obvious that we should entrust it all to them. We weren’t let down. Everything ran seamlessly. We were picked up at the airport and handed car keys to us, vouchers for hotels and attractions booked on our behalf, and any other necessary paperwork and even more interesting information.
we got a way on a very good time. The itinerary was packed full of incidental interesting things to do alongside the main events and attractions, All were advised by Maggie a tour guide from self drive Rwanda.
To get up early and hit the road as soon as possible in the morning. Even with early starts, some evenings we were getting to the hotel at 8pm or a little later. We only scratched the surface. We could probably do another trip of similar distance right around Rwanda and see a whole new set of things and experience an entirely different Rwanda again. When we do, and it is a when, not an if, we will definitely book our trip with Self drive Rwanda.

Self drive Rental cars in Rwanda are available to travelers who are above 18 years of age and hold a international or international drivers license.Self drive Rwanda discourages you to avoid taking short cut routes especially during rainy seasons. Avoid under estimating the distance at the expense of relying on Google maps, the distance may look small interms of Kms to cover without considering the current state of the road conditions.

We have recommended Day Trips Tour Congo and Day Trips to Rwanda as we have been exploring Mountain Gorillas in the Various National Parks  that are home to African Primates, Select the best Gorilla Trekking either in Congo or Rwanda and request that you always obey the Gorilla Trekking Rules while on a gorilla Safari to the Virunga Region. Find the best Tour Operator to Book a Gorilla Permit with and you enjoy an Ultimate Gorilla Safari.