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4×4 Drive Africa is a World wide travel site that offers free guiding on self drive Holidays and Car Hire, Road Tripping in Africa Including Rwanda , Uganda and Kenya.

If you have decided these are some of the countries you want to visit and need more planning information then you are strongly recommended to complement what you find here with a planning guide. Trust us it will make life much easier for the self drive Adventure . If you are set on going and need a guidebook please see a list of recommended guides here. All books can be viewed in more detail and click-through purchased with Amazon in the UK, US or Canada. Buying through the site is a big thank you, Find Self Drive in Uganda as the Best Way to Explore Uganda National Parks. (if you have been helped out).

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East African Self Drive

East Africa is composed of only 5 Countries and All car Rental Countries in this Region allow cars to cross from one country to another country with just informing the company to offer the best travel guidelines on how to cross the Car.

East Africa is Made Up of Uganda, Rwanda Burundi and Tanzania plus Zanzibar finally Kenya. Self driving Holidays in these Nations are ease and cheap as all countries keep Left unlike Rwanda and Burundi that Keep Right when driving the Car but they have fine roads. Take a Self drive trip to cover all East African Countries at Once with One Way Car Rental for Best East African Road Trip

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West Africa Self drive Tips

West Africa Nations is composed of those States that are found in the western arm of the African Continent , Mostly Self drive Holidays are Becoming popular in the desert areas of Africa and we always recommend that when taking a self drive Trip always choose the local travel agent to hire a car from and dont plan to drive your own car as its risk.

Our Section of Western States that can be visited on a self drive Safari Holiday include Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria,Senegal, Tunisia. incase you can provide some good Information Concerning Self drive Trips in any West Africa Country contact US.

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North Africa Self Drive Tips

North African Self drive Tips are ease as its a desert area and every time its dry . Self drive Holidays to North Africa Countries are Popular. 4×4 Drive Africa has provided information about car hire in north Africa

North Africa is composed of Arab Countries of Morocco, Egypt( Missing information and whoever has can help us and contact us) North Sudan , Algeria and south Sudan. Take a self drive Tip to Discover the undiscovered in North Africa Today.

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South Africa Self Drive Tip

South  African Countries are Very best for 4×4 Car Hire services in Africa. Self driving in south African Nations is among the best Safari trips enjoyed by great Travelers who wish to have road trips to Africa.

South Africa is in the southern Section of Africa composing of south Africa as a Nation, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, And Many more. Self drive Car Hire in south African Nations is cheap and ease and they allow cars to cross from one nation to another Nation without Extra Pay. Take a Self drive Holiday to South Africa Today by Hiring a self drive Car from Any competent Car Rental agency.

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Travel Experts

Kafeero Edward

Kafeero Edward is a Ugandan Based in Kampala Currently a student from Makerere University and His Passion of being a great writer has inspired him to be a Great blog and his interest is in the field of self drive , Raod Trips and Camping Adventures in Uganda.

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Hategika Godfrey

Hategika is a Rwandan Based In Kigali but went to the same University with Edward and they all had the same passion and after campus they divided them selves into being regional writers depending on the experience one had over his Home land and later on they had a firm trip to  Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar on their firm trip that a Tanzania and Kenyan Based tour Operator offered to them

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4×4 Drive Africa labours to provide all the answers to your questions that you have when you are planning to drive abroad plus other interesting figures and facts that are useful on your trip. 4×4 Drive Africa  answers questions and gives you tips in the following areas;.
Who Benefits from our Services will give you all the answers you have concerning your trip, provide you with the best itinerary for your safari and equip you with the best driving guidelines as well as giving you the most competent car hiring options in that very country you are visiting..
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At times when you happen to book a car with them about us, some do not provide you with any manual stipulating the prevailing driving conditions in the country and this lack of this knowledge can lead to a lot of disruptions in your whole journey thus a total disappeasement to you..
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When Planning a self drive Safari Holiday to Africa, Note the region to visit and which activities to enjoy in that Areas. Like in East Africa the most common activity is wildlife  and Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo for Central Africa Region, Find the Best Car Rental Agency in that Region through US.