Planning for Safari in Congo? Various Safari Planning can be done by virunga National Park for ultimate true experience of the Mountain Gorillas in the Wild. Gorilla Trekking in Virunga Can be joined with Nyiragongo Climbing to make a true adventure of Democratic republic of Congo, find the complete guide information of how to secure the Gorilla permit, when to visit Virunga national Park, Reliable Tour operators at the official Site of

Congo also boasts of Mountain gorillas that keep on roaming from Uganda through Rwanda to Congo by virtual of the fact that all these three countries share this great forest of Virunga ranges. Gorilla trekking in Congo is one of the best tourist attractions that fetch a lot of foreign exchange to the government treasury and this activity takes place in the parc des volcanoes national park.

This park is in Congo DRC and two of the gorilla troops are habituated to be visited by visitors. In 1990s, the parc des Virungas was the most popular of all the gorilla reserves, not the least because at times it was one open to tourism. After some time, it was closed due to war and un certainties.

After the country became a little bit stable, the park was re opened for tourism and many tour operators are doing their gorilla tracking in this park. This park is visited by few visitors compared to Uganda’s Bwindi and Rwanda’s volcano national park.. The most likely reason is that the parc des Virungas is a gorilla reserve most visited by overland trucks and also that you go for gorilla trekking in this country on two options either to see the gorillas or to miss them since they keep on wandering from one place to another in that vast forest.

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Congo Gorilla Tours are available to go gorilla trekking in DR Congo to Virunga & Kahuzi Biega National Park.