Another national park where gorilla trekking takes place is Mgahinga national park which protects the Ugandan part of the Virunga Mountains and it is the smallest among the Uganda’s national parks. It is a wonderfully scenic national park with panoramic views stretching northwards as far as Bwindi hills and a southern skyline dominated by steep volcanic cones of Virungas, one of the most memorable sights in East Africa.

It is best known for tourists for gorilla tracking. Oddly enough, no gorillas live permanently with in the park, but a fair move freely between Uganda and the neighboring parc des vocans in Rwanda and one habituated troop frequently spend months at a stretch with in mgahinga. Possibly due to un certainty surrounding the presence of gorillas, mgahinga offers a far broader range of activities than any other of the mountain reserves. Caving, forest walks, and hikes to three volcanic peaks that lie partly with in Uganda

The national park office is in Kisoro always has current information regarding Mgahinga as well as sometimes stocking maps and pamphlets. So any body who enjoys challenging day hikes or has an interest in natural history could happily spend a week based at mgahinga without ever going gorilla tracking.

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