If you’re thinking of heading down under,  Self Drive Africa has to be one of the best options for seeing the most of this diverse (and pretty enormous!) country. Grab some wheels and set out into the unknown, either through the western outback, along the beautiful, rugged coastlines or deep into the heart of the […]

Since time immemorial, various people have had varying dimensions as far as the calmness and kindness of gorillas is concerned. This has been majorly brought into limelight by the famous king Kong gorilla that was seen in a movie fiercely fighting off planes and pulling them down atop the Empire State Building and this keeps […]

Uganda Car Rental is among the Leading Self Drive Car Hire and car Rental Firm in East Africa that is based in Kampala Uganda, it has been offer car hire services for five years done the road in the Industry and its backed up by Tours and Travel Company that is offering Safaris in Uganda, […]

Wishing to Explore Africa on Road Trip? check if the drivers License is valid for Driving in that African Country that you wanna Visit on  Road trip with a rented Car from the local Car Rental Firm.When You’re getting ready for your African Road trip, and you’ve already made the decision to rent a car […]

Self Drive Travelers that wish to visit all of the East African Countries even if when your beginning from Rwanda or Uganda, you advised to Buy East African Tourists Visa to reduce the Costs on the Visa fee. 4×4 Drive Africahas realized that Uganda has increased the Visa Application fee for Single Entry and recommend […]

DR Congo is the Second Largest Country in Africa and is located in the central Part of Africa, Its Near Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Burundi, Tanzania, Congo and it has the very many Rain Forests  and Congo should have been ranked as the richest country in Africa but due Civil wars and Corruption which has caused […]

Rwanda is the Home to the Mountain Gorillas and they are found in volcano National park, Rwanda is part of the East African Community it has the best roads in the East African Region as the Roads are Paved and this enables Day Trips to be effective and Ease to great Travelers that wish to […]

We at 4×4 Drive Africa , we bring you Updates and News about Traveling in African Region and Kenya is located in East African Region, visit our Blog for Latest Updates about Self Driving in Africa. New Rules about Kenyan Visa as previously Travelers would visit Kenya with out a Valid Visa or some countries […]

The death marks the first ranger killed since January in Virunga National Park, which is home to famed mountain gorillas and has lost 140 rangers to violence in the past few years. “Armed rebels came to attack our position,” Innocent Mburanumwe, a conservation ranger in the park, said in an interview Friday. The attack happened […]

Park Ranger Killed in Garamba  National Park by Names of  Agoyo Mbikoyo, on 25 April  as he was doing his Patrol of the Elephants in the National Park and  Elephant Hunting in Africa has increased the deletion Level of the Elephants by the Hunters who are Always looking for Ivory . Agoyo was shot by […]