Mozambique , officially the Republic of Mozambique is a country in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zambia to the northwest, Zimbabwe to the west, and Swaziland and South Africa to the southwest. It is separated from Madagascar by the Mozambique Channel to the east. The capital and largest city is Maputo.

Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique, spoken by over 50 percent of its nationals mostly living in the cities.

Self drive Travelers be aware that Mozambique drives on the left  and the  road network is improving  if your not fine to drive hire a car and a driver for the first days and later drive your self to explore the beauty of this Country at your own Pace. 4WD is not normally necessary on many of the main tourist routes including Maputo to Vilankulos and roads between Nampula,Nacala, Isle de Mocambique and Pemba. Also the road from Tete to Harare is Ok.However a heavy rainstorm can have big impacts on all the roads so after rain its best to check local conditions before setting off.

Most Car Rental Agencies Offer Self drive Option and Camping is among the Most Ranked Accommodation for Budget Holiday Makers in this Country.

Cars Can be allowed to cross broader in All South African Member States.