Go self driving in Nigeria,Nigeria is found in the Western part of this continent and it is one of the highly developed countries just next to South Africa and may be Egypt. This is due to the fact that this country has a lot of oil deposits compared to other countries in the region. All along this country has been very secure and stable until recently when a certain rebel group in the names of Boko Haram started their operations in this country thus threatening the tourism industry and free movement of people at all times as was the norm.

When on a self drive safari in Nigeria, Just know that you will encounter a lot of road blocks and curfews especially in the evening hours. So it’s always advisable to first consult your embassies and consulates for recommendations. Most Governments also recommend against self driving in Nigeria. Traffic in many of Nigeria’s major cities can be chaotic and slow moving, though main roads themselves are generally in satisfactory condition. Smaller roads will be in poor condition and will deteriorate after and during rain. Serious traffic jams in Lagos, where the whole city is gridlocked for hours are not uncommon.

Just like any other African country, bribery and corruption is the order of the day in Nigeria. Here you will come across several vehicle check points of which some are for genuine security check points yet others are unofficial just put up to extort money from you dubiously. You should slow down at any type of checkpoint and use common sense at all times.

There are frequent reports of robberies and car-jacking, some involving armed gunmen, on Nigeria’s urban and rural road network. If you are involved in a car-jacking, don’t attempt to resist- hand over your keys and make it clear you pose no threat.

Since Nigeria is generally not a safe country for self driving on your vacation, don’t even dare make a mistake of driving at night if at all you must drive your own. If at all you have nothing to do rather than driving, just make sure that you stay on busy roads and always keep your doors and windows locked all the time.

Try and leave enough room between yourself and the vehicle in front to be able to maneuver out of danger if needed. If you feel you are being followed, head to the nearest police station or large International class hotel. Nigerian driving style is usually fast and aggressive. Also unpredictable driving habits plus the lack of basic maintenance and safety equipment on many vehicles, mean you must be on guard at all times and always expect the unexpected.

Several international car hiring companies have branches all over Nigeria especially in the big cities of Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt and they include; Europcar, Sixt, Hertz and Avis. Self driving rules and regulations tend to change depending on the prevailing safety situation in the country. So due to the security situation in the country, most rental companies will give you a driver and the car. However, it is not impossible to negotiate for a self drive if you really need it.