Rwanda is the Home to the Mountain Gorillas and they are found in volcano National park, Rwanda is part of the East African Community it has the best roads in the East African Region as the Roads are Paved and this enables Day Trips to be effective and Ease to great Travelers that wish to explore the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, We recommend Gorilla Trekkers to observe the Gorilla Trekking Rules ( Dos and Donts) Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

During my visit to Rwanda, i realized that Rwanda is a Safe destination and the best place for Day Trips and short Excursions and when Planing to Watch Mountain Gorillas on Day Trip like 1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda, then Volcanoes National Park is the best destination for Watching the Mountain Gorillas , The Second Question is which tour Operator Offers Days Trips in Rwanda for Gorilla Trekking!

I landed on the Tour Company that is well known in Rwanda for Offering Day Trips to Rwanda and i had a great time with the Managering Director of the Company called Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions that is having offices in Kigali Rwanda and According to the interview he said that they have been offering Day trips & Short Excursion to Various Travelers that have like time to stay in Rwanda. He said that the most biggest Problem is on the these Travelers being last Minute Travelers and the problem comes on Securing Gorilla Permit for Gorilla Trekking Trips to Volcanoes National Park.  The Common Day Trip to watch the Primate in Rwanda is the 1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda which is always short and one day mostly done by travelers that have stayed in Rwanda  , These Travelers can be either in Kigali or Musanze or Gisenyi and Rubavu. This 1 Day Gorilla Trek begins very early in the Morning and drive to Volcanoes National Park and departure time will always differ in terms of the location for the pick up , or the place where your lodging and staying for overnights, like those of Kigali and Gisenyi they always leave like around 4:30 am in the morning and drive to the volcanoes park with a stop for coffee at any restaurant near the Gorilla Trekking point .

Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions  has 2 Years Experience in Rwanda Day Trips like 1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Safari & 1 Day Kigali City Tour were the mostly Done Day trips. But now days they are soon even introducing Half Day trips to Kigali and Even Genocide Memorials as he said more about the Half Day Trips to Rwanda.

Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions  Selection of Half-Day Tours have been crafted to ensure you an all rounded experience of Kigali Rwanda, Mountain Gorillas in Musanze  & its surrounds including Genocide Memorials . Join  Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions on one of our unforgettable guided trips in Rwanda either Gorilla Trekking or City Tour and Cultural Visits to local Communities.

Kigali the Mother City of Rwanda is seeped in history, culture and scenic wonders, and offers an abundance of things to see and do. A half day tour gives you the chance to experience the city and its attractions within your time limits, allowing you to plan your trip to Rwanda Kigali  carefully so that you don’t miss a single thing.  we have the perfect Day tour for you when Visiting Rwanda for Short Time. Our tours are designed to show you the biggest highlights within each area, ensuring that time is spent seeing the key landmarks and sights. He said that 1 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda on Last Minute the quote always ranges from 1100PP if they are two PAxs but when they are More it can be 999Pax and for Kigali City Tour the Quotes ranges from USD 250-300 for all Paxs and Last Minute Gorilla Trek in Rwanda is ease and simple at Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions but always Observe the Gorilla Trekking Rules ( DOs and Donts).

What is always Included on Gorilla Day Trips to Rwanda with Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions

  • Full-day English Speaking Guide / Driver to take Care of You during the Day.(an expert local guide)
  • Gorilla Trekking Permit as sold at Rwanda Development Broad at USD 750
  • Ground Transportation in 4×4 Safari van , But small SUV cars can also be used if the traveler requires AC
  • Lunch and Morning Tea before heading for the Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park
  • Pick up from the Lodge & Drop off to the Airport/ Hotel  on the Same Day of the Gorilla Trekking

What is Included on the Day tour of Kigali

  • Full-day English Speaking Guide / Driver to take Care of You during the Day.(an expert local guide)
  • Ground Transportation in 4×4 Safari van , But small SUV cars can also be used if the traveler requires AC
  • Lunch when doing the city Tour
  • Payment of some fees that may be needed at the place they are visiting.
  • Pick up from the Lodge & Drop off to the Airport/ Hotel  on the Same Day of the City Tour.

In his interaction he revealed that they are hopping to start even Day trips to Nyungwe and Akagera and these will be as follows for Akagera it will be 1 Day Day trip to Akagera National Park and the main activities will be Boat Cruise and a simple Game Drive to watch the wildlife in the Akagera National Park. But the Traveler has choice to select which activity he wants to do in the National Park and that activity will be the essential during his Day trip.

In Nyungwe National Park which is the home to the Primates of chimps and they will be offering 1 Day Chimps Trek in Rwanda and 1 Day Birding in Nyungwe Forest, 1 Day Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest and 1 Day Nature Walk in the Jungle forest. Feel free to select any of the day Trips you wish to take in Rwanda.

For the Volcanoes National Park  they still offer day trips of 1 Day Golden Monkey tracking , 1 Day Dian fossey Day Trip to Volcanoes,1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek, 2 Day Rwanda Gorilla Safari with Gorilla Expeditions . I have found out that they are the best in Days trips. Travel to Rwanda even when you have less time from work and don’t Miss to trek the Mountain Gorillas in the Jungle forest with Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions Limited .

We even Recommend these Day trips to self drive travelers who wish to have private guided Safaris in Rwanda however when i visited the car rental companies like Self Drive Rwanda along Airport Road in Remera Kigali they informed me that they charge high fees on short term Car Rentals and 4×4 RAv4 may go for USD 80 Per day if the travel is going on a short Safari and they even mentioned that they can Secure a Gorilla Permit for You from Rwanda Development Broad. Travel Happier when your in Rwanda.

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This article is authored by Edward during his visit to Rwanda on 2/4/2015. Stay safe all the time. Trek the Mountain Gorillas before their extinction in Volcano National Park with well Known Tour Companies in Rwanda