This is the youngest country on the African continent having assumed independence from Sudan in 2013 and this lead to the having of South Sudan and North Sudan .But this country has and is still infested in civil wars over the country’s top seat. As we talk now very many people have been killed and thousands displaced and are currently in refugee camps in the neighboring countries especially Uganda. So this is not the best country for you to visit at this moment. This country’s capital city Juba is a real haven for every kind of vice from broad day robberies through numerous killings to machete welders.

It’s advisable that you first consult your country’s website before travelling to this newest nation on the continent. There are very few countries that have embassies and consulates in this country so just pray that you get the right information about this country before you step on this country. The unstable situation in this country has rendered the government of South Sudan a disservice as most of the western countries have continuously evacuated their citizens from this country.

Since this country is very young, it has very poor infrastructures especially the road network is totally in doldrums. Few roads outside Juba are paved and even some within the capital city are not paved. Most of the roads are not well maintained, poorly lit and excessively dirty and this deteriorates the more whenever it rains. The vehicles here are the poorest of all as they are poorly lit, maintained and in DMC form and the driving standards are also very vague s many drivers are not properly trained and they drive just anyhow.

Travel in most parts of the country is particularly difficult during the rainy season (from July to October/November) when many roads become impassable, and parts of the country become inaccessible and cut-off. Safety is also a major concern and you should be accompanied by a guide if travelling anywhere off main routes. Tribal conflicts, border disputes and the widespread ownership of weapons by the populace make South Sudan a dangerous location.

Some areas also fall prey to the actions of the Ugandan war lord-Joseph Kony of the famous Lord’s resistance army. So be very vigilant with your life when in this country. Also Juba is prone to criminality and you shouldn’t drive anywhere in the City after dark.

By the time of this publication, there isn’t any international foreign car hiring company operating in South Sudan. However there is only one local company offering this service in the names of South Sudan car rental that has an office at the airport in Juba but nothing much is known aboput this company since it has no website.

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