Also known as Cote D’ivoire is also another country found in the West African part of this continent. It is very friendly and totally welcoming to any foreigner. Self driving is on the rise and steadily developing due to the relatively developed infrastructures that which give an ample strength and vigor to the operators of this business to hinge on.

The moment you start planning, be aware of either official or unofficial police checks and road blocks. So please check the latest situation in the country on your Governments website .There are a variety of vices that you will encounter when self driving in Ivory coast and these include poor roads, badly driving drivers, unlit vehicles and the unpredictable road blocks. So the major attribute is how you deal and react to such situations.

It should be noted that Abidjan is one of the towns in Africa where you will experience demonstrations almost on a daily basis. These demonstrations always aggravate from boisterous behavior to Violence. So always resist from being in such scuffles and even if it means making a u-turn to safe place. However, don’t ever attempt to avoid an official police or army roadblock. Vehicles attempting to turn around to avoid a police road block have been fired upon so, if in doubt whether a roadblock is official or not, you’re probably best to assume it is!

The language that is highly spoken in Ivory Coast is French but you can as well encounter someone speaking English that is if at all you are lucky enough.

There are various car hiring companies in Ivory Coast of which the most reputable ones are international foreign companies and they include; Hertz, Europcar, Alamo, National and Avis, Budget.On the time of this print, there is only one local reputable company that I know can arrange for you a befitting car hiring and this is

None of the above companies seem to allow cross border rentals. Renting a 4WD may be compulsory if you’ll be driving on dirt roads.