Ghana officially called the Republic of Ghana, is a sovereign multinational state and unitary presidential constitutional democracy, Ghana is bordered by the Ivory Coast in the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo in the east and the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in the south. The word Ghana means “Warrior King”.

Self Driving in Ghana- The Top Ranked Destination for Holiday Makers;

Take a self drive Adventure to Ghana, Most Car Rental Companies offer Self drive Option for Car Hirers in Ghana. Always Bare more information about Ghana Before you embark on a self drive Vacation.

Ghana is also another country located in the western part of the continent and it is not among the third world countries though not yet in the first world countries. It has highly developed infrastructures like roads and accommodations that are really very enticing to any traveler.

Most of the main roads are generally tarmacked, paved and well maintained with the occasional pothole on more minor routes which can cause oncoming vehicles to swerve across lanes unexpectedly. A number of side roads across the country within major cities and many roads outside cities are in poor condition. A lot of accidents normally occur on the main highway roads like the one from Accra to the central region tourist area of Cape Coast has witnessed many accidents than any other road in the country.

Traveling in darkness on the country’s streets is very hazardous, due to poor street lighting and the unpredictability of pedestrians, bicyclists and farm animals who just get into the road from anywhere at any time of the night thus posing a great challenge to your life. Be especially cautious around roadside markets where minibuses tend to stop and pull out when you least expect it. Poorly maintained and overloaded vehicles will be encountered regularly.

Always avoid driving at night especially in dark places and if at all you must, always ensure that you car windows and doors are totally closed and locked. Some pedestrians normally hit intentionally the vehicles in a bid to pretend that you have knocked them so that they can extort money from you fraudently.Highway robbers and armed thieves normally target travelers especially on their arrival at Kotoka airport.

You are highly advised not to pick up a car at the airport immediately on your arrival since you can duped and in case your car is hit by another car, it is advisable to drive to the nearby police station and sort your selves from there other than packing on the road side where your safety is not guaranteed. There are a multitude of police check points and rampant road blocks throughout the country but always comply for the thorough checking of the passengers and their belongings.

Whenever you are driving in either Accra or any other town, always carry your international driver’s license and you should also carry your passport and rental documents. This will help you to save your precious time on those check points and also save some money that you would have given out in form of bribes to be left to continue with your journey

All in all, self driving in Ghana is much easier compared to very many African countries as the roads and driving standards are better, though you should still be cautious and expect the unexpected at all times.

Ghana has a lot of international car hiring companies that have branches in most of their main towns. These companies include; Europcar, Alamo, National Avis, Budget. However, most of the international cars hiring companies in Ghana are just operating on a franchise. So always read your terms and conditions carefully when booking since their charging structures can keep on changing irrespective of their mother company’s terms.

Local car rental companies and companies who can arrange car rentals are; sputnik Ghana, connect world group, scorpion Ghana car rentals,

Amongst all these companies, only National seem to allow cars to be taken outside Ghana since most of them allow their cars to be driven only in the Accra district. It is not permitted to cross the border, unless special written permission from the car rental company is provided. With permission you can cross over to Togo and Benin.