No place in east Africa is like Uganda which is Safe for Self Drive Adventure and we at4x4 Drive Africa we have designed the right information concerning Self driving in Uganda. How to hire a Car in Uganda and the Best Car Rental Agency in Uganda that Offer Reliable Self Drive Adventure.

Uganda is one of the 5 countries that make up the Eastern part of Africa Boarded by Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda and South Sudan. Though this country is land locked, this has not hampered them to develop the tourism sector and this has attracted a lot of visitors to this country year in year out. Uganda boasts of various tourist attractions that keep on pulling very many visitors to the pearl of Africa.

When Sir Winston Churchill the then president of USA first visited this country, He was totally mesmerized by the beauty and natural endowment of this country thus referring as the “pearl of Africa”. This country is home to the 2nd largest lake in Africa in the names of L.Victoria, Bwindi impenetrable forest which is dominated by the mountain gorillas and the source of the Nile is also believed to be in this country. This country also has very many historical sites that one can tour on his/her visit to this country.

Self driving is one of the fast developing sectors in the country and this is evidenced in the number of car hiring companies that are found in this country both local and international. All these companies provide 4×4 wheel drives, Land cruisers, Rav4, safari jeeps and other saloon cars, Get all the Car Rental Fleets from 4×4 Self Drive Uganda.

When on yourself drive vacation in Uganda, you can drive on the license of most countries for up to 3 months and after this time you need an International Driving Permit. To hire a vehicle for self drive needs one to be above 18 yrs and well conversant with the day to day traffic laws of the country.

Always take time to read the rules and regulations script given to you by your car hiring company such that you don’t be caught off guard concerning some contentious issues like where and when to drop the car, the fuel issue whether to drop the car with full tank fuel or totally empty, CDW and any other important area that accrues.

Uganda drives on the left hand side of the road and this means that you have to keep right. Uganda’s main roads in and around the major Cities are usually in good condition but can be congested due to the fact that they are very narrow compared to the number of cars that they possess and this is a menace especially in the rush hours of the morning when people are rushing for work and in the evening when they are rushing back home.

Minor and rural roads especially linking to the major tourist destinations since they are mostly located in remote areas will generally be in a worse condition especially in the rainy season since most of them are not tarmacked at all and they are always full of pot holes but are usually passable without a 4WD in good weather. Travelling on the roads in Uganda can be hazardous, particularly outside the main cities. This is due to the fact that driving standards are poor, vehicles are often poorly maintained and the accident rate is high. Other road users may be driving without lights and livestock roam across the roads anyhow.

However, with the car hiring companies, the trend is totally different since they normally service their vehicles regularly, their cars are always comprehensively insured-an insurance policy that caters for only the car minus the occupants and their belongings so you are expected to have your personal insurance.

Ugandan car hiring companies also provide drivers at your request and at an added extra cost. These drivers are always well trained, very hospitable and they have a vast knowledge about the region so the moment you have them you won’t regret and this really pays off.

Uganda’s two highways of Kampala-Jinja and Kampala-Masaka are particular accident black spots. Most of the accidents involve minibuses [matatus], boda-bodas (motorbike taxis), buses and trucks which are often overloaded. So you should drive with caution at all times and avoid driving at night.

The Ugandan car hiring industry has a lot companies that hire cars to foreigners. These companies are both local and international; among the local companies are; Hertz and Europcar which have branches in Kampala. There are also very many local car hiring companies but the following are the most competent ones; self drive Uganda, Uganda car rental and road trip.

When you rent a car in Uganda from any competent company, you can drive it to any neighboring country but you should inform your car hiring company about your intention of going to another country with the car such that they provide you with the car documents to present at the border in order to allow you cross with that vehicle. However you will incur an extra cost for paying for the vehicle at the border.

The moment you hire any car from any reputable company in Uganda, head to the region in the country that has a lot of tourist attractions .That region is none other than the western region where you can go and visit Kibale forest national park where you will go chimpanzee tracking and also go for a nature walk/ Birding  in the famous Bigodi swamp. From here you can head to Queen Elizabeth national park for a wild life game drive and enjoy watching wild game especially the big five[lions,leopards,Buffalos,Elephants]and other animals. Then proceed to Bwindi impenetrable national park which is the home to mountain gorillas in the region. You will go for gorilla trekking and then proceed on other activities depending on the number of days you have hired the vehicle.


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