Take a Self drive Safari when exploring the Best Tanzanian National park with Just Car Hire and have a Private Guided Safari. Tanzania has got Many Car Rental Companies that can Offer self drive Car Hire Services . Book from a reputable Car Hire Company for a great Road trip Holiday in Tanzania.

This is another country in East Africa that is naturally endowed with a lot of natural beauty at fore front close to Kenya and Uganda, Rwanda., Zanzibar. Tanzania is one the African countries that have various animals in their gazzetted parks and every animal you ever think of will be visible on yourself drive trip to this country. The mostly visited and every tourist would love to visit is Serengeti national park. This park is enormously big and very vast and a habitat to a lot of wild game. So when in Tanzania, always try your level best to go for a game drive in Serengeti national park and if on a self drive, it is very exciting as you will have the chance to go off the beaten track and always expect the unexpected in terms wild game and ecstasy.

Tanzania has a lot of hotels and other related accommodation facilities that normally attract a lot of tourists to this country. The most highly respected chain of hotels the world over known as Serena group of hotels has done a lot of work in rejuvenating the hotel sector in this country. It has built over 15 magnificent, luxurious and state-of-art hotels in this country. This has really boosted the country’s tourism industry and propelled it to greater heights where it is to date.

When dreaming about a self-drive in Tanzania, always have an international driving permit to rent a car. Main roads between major towns are normally paved and maintained, but most roads will deteriorate after wet weather. During the rainy season, many roads in Tanzania, both urban and rural, are passable only with four-wheel-drive vehicles. Traffic lights are often out of order, and care should be exercised at any junction as many drivers disregard signals. Excessive speed, unpredictable driving habits, and the lack of basic safety equipment on many vehicles pose serious traffic hazards.

In Tanzania, buses and lorries are a total mess as their drivers are the last drivers you would ever like to encounter. Their driving standards are very awkward and they can overtake on blind bends and hills. You should always pray to whoever you believe in if at all a bus or lorry is approaching or when attempting to overtake one.

Driving at night should be totally a taboo. You should always desist from traveling and driving at night especially away from towns where Pedestrians, cyclists, and animals are always found loitering on the streets and road sides moreover unlit hence unavoidable accidents normally occur. To make matters worse, Carjacking and other related crimes are more common in Cities at night.

Very few foreign international companies have branches in Tanzania and this is due to the fact that there are very many local companies that can perform to the masses expectations and they are very reputable. The only international companies here are Sixt and Avis. However in my experience, if you’re planning a self drive safari you really need to deal with a local company who can provide a more personalized service.

Among the many local car hire companies include;

Africa point ltd

Victoria safaris

Self drive Tanzania This Travel site for Self Drive Tanzania which is the only Self-drive Safari Company that Offers Private Guided Safari Car Hire Booking. Hire a 4×4 From these Self-drive Experts that are really offering the Great Adventure of Tanzania National Parks.

Car Rental Tanzania: This is a Local Travel Company based in Tanzania that is owned by the Residents in Tanzania and they Offer Self-drive Car Hire for Self-drive Adventures that look at Exploring Tanzania on a self-drive Option.

Tanzania Tour Operators

Best Tanzania Safaris
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Primate Safaris Tanzania
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Most of the car hire companies in Africa will allow you to take their cars out side the country but to only countries bordering Tanzania like Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique. Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.