This national park is found on the border of Tanzania and it was among the biggest national parks in East Africa before some of its land was given to returning refugees who eventually turned it into farm land. Prior, this park had a variety of animals and the big five but they were hunted down up to extinct by poachers. This led to the number of animals in this park to come down. Some of the animals in this park include. Elephants, buffaloes, oribi, cape, eland, Impala and many more. These can be viewed on a game drive on a safari van with a top up either on a guided safari or on a self drive basis.

This park derives its name from the river Akagera that flows through this area. There are also over five lakes in this park of which L.Ihema is the biggest amongst all of them. This means that Akagera national park is a good habitat for aquatic life.