This country is highly regarded as a certain province of Tanzania but the truth is this is totally an independent country though the Tanzanian president still rules it but they have a sitting prime minister who reports to the president in Tanzania. Whoever thinks of going to Africa for relaxation and recreation, Zanzibar is the number one stop center. This is due to the number of beaches that this country boasts of.

Since Zanzibar is more of an island than a main land, it has well mentored and freshly clean waters that are good for human usage and when it comes to the beaches, my God you become totally speechless. This is why very many people regard Zanzibar as a province of Tanzania simply because it is one of the islands that border Tanzania on the East African coast which include;Pemba,Mafia,Sofia and Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is a very free country where self driving is very applicable. But this is very difficult in some areas like in the stone town. Even the name itself suggests it all and you should know what to encounter there-stones automatically. So if you are a first driver in this country, never make a mistake of driving to this town and I advise you to ask the rental company to drive you to the outskirts and meet you when you return to avoid getting lost and incurring unnecessary accidents as a result of the numerous stones in this country.

Note that you cannot drive any kind of car to any where you want to go in Zanzibar especially to the beach villages where the roads are in shoddy state and totally impassable with other vehicles a part from the 4WD. Even the other roads linking t some hotels and resorts are dirt infested and not highly graveled thus opting for strong cars.

The drivers in this country are a little bit courteous and you should also be courteous at all times. The major problem on Zanzibar roads are pedestrians and animals that are always roaming freely on the roads without any one tendering to them. The signage of the roads is very poor and at times you will have to stop in order to ask some people for directions. At times you may be stopped at any police check point so always drive when you are totally sober since even some roads are unlit so don’t even drive at night.

There is nothing like any foreign international car renting company. However, several local car hiring companies have come on board recently to solve the problem and here are the most efficient ones;

Zanzibar car hire

Zanzibar car rental

Zanzibar rent a car

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All companies will have different rules. Some may allow you to take cars over to Dar es Salaam should you want to, but you would need to check that with them