Kigali memorial centre

This is located in the city centre and it is composed of three exhibitions. The largest documents about the genocide of 1994. There is the children centre, history of how the genocide started, education centre, tombs of the victims, flower gardens a amongst others.


When the genocide started in 1994. All people around this area entered this church to hide from the interahamwe. This was a catholic church and the church was thought of as a place of refuge and of sanctuary where the militia would not dare to attack. Un fortunately, this did not work out to save their lives. The interahamwe entered and killed all the people inside and around the church with their fire arms and machetes and in total about 10,000 people were killed according to the survivors, a round this place


This was a vocational school found in just 26 km from the city centre. The interahamwe entered the school and killed about 40,000 people here in three days. There are like 848 live corpses preserved and lying on the wooden tables displayed. Since that time, the class room blocks were left vacant.

The National Museum of Rwanda

This is well known in Rwanda and houses perhaps ethnographic and archaeological collections in East Africa with more than 10,000 art crafts and it is located in Huye.

Rwanda has three major national parks that whoever travels to this country cannot miss to visit. All these parks are naturally endowed with a lot wild life and primates. These parks are;