I’m headed down to Amboseli and Tsavo West in a couple of days on a self-drive safari in Kenya. We’ll be out for several days and are prepared (and would prefer) to sleep in our vehicle, which is specifically set up for us to do this.

We’ve had good luck finding a campsite just outside Amboseli, but now we need to find a campsite in Tsavo West. We would normally camp just outside the park. Unfortunately, because the entry fee for Tsavo West is 24 hours but with only a single entry, we would have to pay the fee again to enter in the morning, and we’d like to avoid that.

So, does anyone have recommendations on where we can crash inside Tsavo? Is there a budget camp that would allow us to park our vehicle for a small fee? We don’t need water, hookups or any of the like.

Alternatively, perhaps I am wrong and the 24-hour fee for Tsavo West allows two entries during that timeframe? I’m not holding my breath on that, but in that case, recommendations outside the park for cheap camping would also help!