Rwanda is a Safe Destination for self drive Holidays due to the fact that Rwanda has good Roads and its driving speed is 60km/hr as the max speed. Explore the Beauty of Rwanda.

Exploring Rwanda can be not so good to do on someone else’s schedule; if you’re seeing Rwanda as your mind about your destination, you cannot change it. But if you have an international driving license, you can wash away these difficulties by renting your own car when in Rwanda.

If you’re taking friends or family along, and if you’re a very experienced driver, renting your own car may be preferable. If you’ve planned your own itinerary in Rwanda, you can use your self- drive to play tour guide to your friends or family and see the sights on your own time.

Requirements for Renting Self-Drive Cars in Rwanda

When renting a car, you’ll need to show an international driver’s license.

Cars for rent in Rwanda usually have manual transmissions, and automatic transmission.

Check the car for damage or any other problems before you sign on the agreement.

Test-drive your rented car before paying up. You’ll want to make sure the brake, hand brake, and clutch pedal all work as specified!

Gas is not usually included in the price.

Hiring Self Drive Cars in Kigali is a popular option for travelers to explore the countryside, hills, national parks and visit some of the genocide memorials.

Route taken depends on where one is staying in Rwanda. Typically guests get away and drive to tourism destinations in Rwanda like Volcano national park, Nyungwe forest national park and Akagera national park.

In Rwanda you are supposed to drive on right hand side and the steering is on left hand side.

You have to follow the signs on the road and high speed in not allowed Rwanda

Once you are on self drive, you have the freedom to choose where to sleep, where to go, where to stop and duration to spend on each destination.

In case you want to go for camping, it is also very possible and you have to hire the camping equipments or come with yours.

The people in Rwanda are very friendly, and the weather. So the country can be visited throughout the year even though some places during rainy season needs 4×4 wheel drive.

Rwanda is much known for mountain gorillas and it is a 2 hour drive from Kigali to volcano national park where you can see them. You can visit gorillas on self drive and after visit some other national parks and not forgetting the city tour.

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