This Article is Featured By Jackie Natume a Student from Maker ere University Business School  offering a Bachelor in Leisure and Hospitality. I entered on the 2012 Year intake for Makerere University and am Offering Day Program. The reason that Inspired me to take a Tourism Course was to the fact that i had the passion of Travel as i grew up i realized that to make my dream come true at University i had to do Tourism and become either a Tour Reservation or a Tour Manager in any of the Tour Company that will find me worth being employed. This Trip was  Organized by the University Lectures in the Department that i belong and each was supposed to pay 350000 Ugandan Shillings for the 5 Days Study Trip.

My first visit to a well Known Destination for Wildlife Conservation and Mountain Gorillas Forest in Uganda and Rwanda Volcanoes National Park was the time i was doing my internship with the Company Known as Active African Vacations Limited , a Ugandan Tour Based Company that Offers Uganda Safaris and on the Uganda Side i went with the Tour Guide by Name of Alex that is working in the Company  and Rwanda Safaris Included Gorilla Trekking and Wildlife Adventures , i went to Rwanda to view the Mountain Gorillas as the Company Offered me a free field experience of what tourism Really Met Practically when i traveled with the Guide by Names of SSali Billy Even though i was sacred at first due to the Fact that it was my first time to cross boarder and i didnt have a passport but the company wrote a letter and backed it with University ID which made me able to cross from Uganda to Rwanda  with Billy  before the pick up of the Clients who were supposed to be picked up in Kigali International Airport. Really i would like to extend my thankfully joy to Billy for Being a Good Person that took Care of me during the Safari in Rwanda, This Was my First Time Safari Experience which was done in June 2014 , Wonderful Volcanoes and the Cultural Places we Visited. I had taken Safari to Rwanda as the Best Life Opportunity in the field of Tourism as we returned back to school i found my self having a lot to explain to my Friends who did their internship with other Tour Companies that kept them in Office only and No being Taken to the field. Active African Vacations Offered me the great Chance to try and Learn how i respond to a client and interact with them Freely. Late On this Makerere University Business School University Organized for Us a Study tour to North Eastern Uganda and Northern Uganda , Visit the simple Visit to Kidepo National Park that Was ranked as the Best wildlife Destination for Wildlife Lovers in Uganda and the Entire World, Don’t Miss as i explain how my Backpacking School trip was. This 5 Days Uganda Study Trip was beginning from Kampala and it was scheduled to Begin on 5/2/2014 and it ends at 10/2/2015.

How to Prepare when going for Study Trip as a Tourism Student from Maker ere University.

Boat Cruise in Murchsion FallsFrom the few  things i had learn t from my internship guided me when packing for the study trip that was serious meant to study more as i wanted to become a successful Tour Consultant in any Tour Company that will manage to offer me a Job. Many of the Students had little Knowledge about  backpacking but it was great over my side  and thought it would be nice to expand my experiences as far as Uganda Tourism Was .

What Mattered Most to Me as a Dot Com Gal was the Battery of My Phone as i needed it to take Photos During the Study Trip with my fellow Students. What i did was to purchase the Battery Charger that was great and it really did the Job it was meant to do. It was a bit expensive but with the support of my Boy friend and Parents i was able to raise the 50000 Ugandan Shillings to buy it and keep my phone fully charged every Minute.

The Second Issue was how to Plan the Bedding and Sleeping Gears, Keeping your gear dry will be one of the most important factors as you organize and as some parts of the Area were Hot day time and very Cold During Night Time, It was a Great Way to experience the Wild of Staying in camping Places and Camping at times is the Way to go as the University couldn’t Manage to organize for Us the Hotels as we were about 200 Students . Nothing is worse than sleeping in an open tented area, this was the life time experience i have enjoyed as far as accommodation was but make sure that you load items very well in the bags or sacks.

Overview of the Study Trip

From Kampala we drove to the eastern Nile and Land on Mount Elgon with a simple visit to Sipi Falls later the day we drove to Nyero rock paintings are located in eastern Uganda in Kumi District, 8 km west of Kumi town, about 200 km from the capital city Kampala. The Nyero rock paintings are among the most important rock art in Uganda.. Later Drove and Had an Overnight Stay in Soroti District . In the Next Morning we drove  and passed through Lira and Entered Kidepo National Park Late Night , ranked to be the 3 rd in the World to be the best Destination for Wildlife Lovers and watchers.we did a simple Game Drive in our School Buses that carried over 73 Students Each , Had 2 Overnights Camping in Kidepo , The Next morning( Morning)  we drove and Entered Murchison Falls  the Best Destination to watch the Nile in Details and explore the Beauty of wildlife that it has to offer. In Murchison we hiked to the Top of the Falls and later got into Our Buses Back to Kampala. I would Like to thanks the Management of Mubs University for Organizing Such a Wonderful Study trip.

Game Drives

Mubs Students Study trip from kampala, Mbale, Kumi, Soroti, Lira and Finally Kidepo and Later from Kidepo to Murchison Falls back to Kampala.

The Most amazing Animals found in this National Park were the giraffes that we had earlier seen in Kidepo but not as plenty as this side of Murchison and the ground lions. 

Challenges Faced During my Study Trip

Although we had some Challenges like Being driven Long distances in One Day Like Left Kampala at 5 am and did all the three Activities in one Day that My Supervisor during Internship told me that its impossible but we made it possible but we missed a lot as little time was spent there, Long time on the trip as readers have known that i was a dot com Gal who liked to be on whats up and Facebook while interacting with my friends but the cellar Network for the Phone was very poor in some parts of the Areas we visited and Hiking on mount Elgon Was a big challenge to the majority of Us as it was a first time experience but worth to Explore, The Bad Road Conditions that were full of Potholes.

The Best Lesson i learnt from the trip I realized why Kidepo Safaris are Expensive and Less tour Operators Market it as found out in the records of the Park Book for Travelers that Visit the Park.  For one to explore Kidepo and Mount Elgon in details he /she needs around 8 – 10 Days . Find the Beauty of Uganda “Pearl of Africa”
Special Thanks and Dedication to My Family Members, Musiige Robert , Daddy and Mother, Friends like Moses, Edward Kafeero and Carlo kembabazi that your my lovely Friends that i meant once but became part of my Life. I missed you all during the time i was a way on a study trip.
Murchison Falls National ParkMy Inspirational Quote to Fellow Students.

Stereotyping is something that is common among so many people including Students and Parents, it seem today it has become part of our culture and its the role of our  parents to Guide Us as we choose the Professional to Join. n order to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals in life, you need to treat it like a Blackjack game – knowing exactly when to “stay” and when to say “Hit Me!”.Understand that the person we see today does not have to be person of tomorrow unless they choose to be.

This Article Is written by Jackline Natume a Student from MUBs i wish readers of this article  all the Best.