Wishing to Explore Africa on Road Trip? check if the drivers License is valid for Driving in that African Country that you wanna Visit on  Road trip with a rented Car from the local Car Rental Firm.When You’re getting ready for your African Road trip, and you’ve already made the decision to rent a car […]

Driving a Self drive  rental vehicle in East African Countries Like Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Burundi while you visit can bring you a lot of benefits. You are free to come and go as you choose and explore wherever the road takes you and the country you wish to visit on a self drive […]

Did you know that drunk driving is a criminal offence that can lead you into prison while self driving in Uganda? After you pass your DSA practical test, you get a license to drive on the road. Even if you have passed your test, you should always be careful, alert driver on the road. This […]